Work In Progress: Scary Halloween Skull’pture

Concept rendering of Scary Party stage set design.

This Halloween, powerhouse promoter Dax Presents will be bringing the epic Scary Party to The Midway, San Francisco’s hottest new art space and event venue. The crew from Idea Fab Labs will be there to set the stage with a new, as-yet-untitled design featuring three larger-than-life-sized wooden skulls, each about five feet tall. Project Manager James Hall faces some new … Read More

LED Ceiling Project Part 3

Go to Part 1 We are almost halfway done at this point! Assembly line of wiring the panels continues. We were able to produce at least 10 per evening once we got into the groove. It’s important to turn the lights of and test every once in a while. Sometimes things are funky and we have to break out the … Read More

Raindance Campout Stage Design!

A bunch of members at IFL spent the last few months designing and creating a large stage installation for the annual Raindance Campout event. Here is a video playlist that shows the progress of the project!

LED Ceiling Project Part 2

We have our design from part one so now that real work begins… TL;DR: Time-lapse of production! Boxes, boxes, boxes! Stacks and stacks of boxes! We built and prepped 20 panels for our first run. Then the wiring began…. We found just the right boards for our needs! They are E6804 Pixel Controller cards running DMX over ethernet (Artnet) by … Read More

LED Ceiling Project Part 1

Hey folks out there! We’ve been working hard at the lab on a huge installation: The LED Ceiling Project! A 2880 LED pixel array, spanning 1600 sq ft of ceiling. Each pixel is encased in a three dimensional, laser-cut light diffuser cell, measuring 4 inches by 4 inches by 2 inches deep.  Here’s a breakdown of the project over the … Read More

Laser-engraved Didgeridoo

Justin Smith makes amazing woodworked instruments such as drums and didgeridoos at the lab. His latest project is a box didgeeridoo or “box didge” for a friend of his. A box didge has a folded chamber that zig-zags inside of the box to produce a deeper, richer sound that would normally take a much longer body. Being that Christopher Breedlove … Read More