LED Ceiling Project Part 2

We have our design from part one so now that real work begins…


Time-lapse of production!

2013-04-21 20.59.06

Boxes, boxes, boxes!

2013-07-17 19.18.52

Stacks and stacks of boxes!

2013-07-13 17.57.46

We built and prepped 20 panels for our first run.

2013-07-17 19.06.24

Then the wiring began….

2013-07-25 18.35.36

We found just the right boards for our needs! They are E6804 Pixel Controller cards running DMX over ethernet (Artnet) by SanDevices.

2013-07-18 22.22.04

Karl arrived on the scene to school us on power!

2013-07-19 19.52.50


2013-07-20 23.25.16

20 panels glowing! Time to put them on the ceiling…

2013-07-26 20.58.03

First 20 panels up!

2013-08-11 03.34.00

Lookin’ smooth running a diamond rainbow cycle algorithm via Glediator. Go team!

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