LED Ceiling Project Part 3

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We are almost halfway done at this point!

IMG_1512[1] IMG_1522[1]

Assembly line of wiring the panels continues. We were able to produce at least 10 per evening once we got into the groove.


It’s important to turn the lights of and test every once in a while.


Sometimes things are funky and we have to break out the scope.

2013-10-20 17.00.18

Power supplies are ready to go.

2013-10-17 21.58.33

Karl and Thornton wire up more  electrical.

2013-10-22 00.19.45 LED Ceiling Panels 2013-10-21 23.22.12


The excitement as we put in the last of the panels!


Hello World! The installation is finished!


Seems like cause to celebrate.

LED-ceiling-background datgirl-showcase-afterparty

The LED Ceiling project has been a lab-wide collaborative project that at least one hundred people have had a hand in from late nights designing and prototyping to gathering materials to building softboxes to producing panels to wiring and installing and simply providing coffee, pizza, and moral support! Thank you to everyone who contributed!

2013-10-03 21.35.29

Now production of custom software commences!