Idea Fab Labs is proud to introduce, Disk-Its!

What started as a tool for an artist’s creative ambitions, has become a toy sought after by children and adults, alike. Each Disk-Its! disk has eight points of contact which create an opportunity for endless possibilities when merged with other disks from the set. From creative iteration processes to a wooden construction toy that folks of all ages can enjoy, Disk-Its! becomes not only a toy for hours of fun, but a tool for artists, creatives, and STEM educators.

Disk-its! Rainbow Pack

Each set boasts a label designed in a variety of colors to provide a personalized buying experience. You pick your favorite color and create your individual design. In addition, each disk is laser cut from 100% birch wood and packed in a recyclable tube. Not only is disk-its! made for fun and creativity, it’s good for our planet too! What more could you ask for!

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