Laser-engraved Didgeridoo

Justin Smith makes amazing woodworked instruments such as drums and didgeridoos at the lab. His latest project is a box didgeeridoo or “box didge” for a friend of his. A box didge has a folded chamber that zig-zags inside of the box to produce a deeper, richer sound that would normally take a much longer body.


Box didge right out of the laser engraver.

Being that Christopher Breedlove is in town, he teamed up with Justin to engrave one of the illustrations he created at the lab into the base of the instrument.


Up close of didgeridoo engraving.


Final engraved box didgeridoo.


Final, polished work.

Didge in nature.

Didge in nature.

Justin with the box didge.

Justin outside the labs with the box didge.

This piece of work is beautiful and sounds great! Justin runs the woodshop at the lab and is a wealth of knowledge and information as well as a talented musician! Here is a short clip of him testing out the instrument.

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