10x10x20 Wooden Panel Entry

By Shyna Deepak Every year CSU Chico hosts its annual 10x10x20 art show. The proceeds go back to the art department and the woodshop to help keep it funded. Each panel is 10×10 and costs $20 to purchase. Every year for the past four years, I’ve wanted to enter but never had the confidence to do so… that is, until … Read More

Laser Cut Drag Chain

I’m still getting familiar with the laser cutter, so I decided to do something simple for my latest project. I chose to try making the Laser Cut Drag Chain by msraynsford it seemed like an interesting exercise in creating mechanical structures using only laser cut pieces. The process seemed fairly straightforward so I just jumped right in and set the entire … Read More

Matt the Intern

My name is Matthew Nystrom, a 21 year old student of Sustainable Manufacturing at CSU Chico currently interning at the Idea Fabrication Labs. I’m known in my circles of friends as being quite crafty. I consider myself a Jack of all trades, but a master of none. I’ve taken classes in Music Theory, Digital Arts, Electronics, Welding, and many courses … Read More

Laser Cut Iris Box

For this week I’ve decided to make the Iris Box from Instructables. The hardest part about this build is that some of the specifics about the nuts and bolts are missing, so after about half hour at Orchard Supply Hardware I took my best guess and bought the materials. Besides the screws being a little bit too short, I think … Read More

Such Ðoge, very mining, much crypto, but exactly how much?

I’ve been getting into crypto currencies lately, mostly Ðoge. What I’ve noticed is that whenever there is a huge spike or drop is price I never really notice until it is too late. The project I’m attempting is a Crypto Ticker box. The idea is that the arduino connects to a crypto data site such as , pulls the current … Read More

Intern Bio: Dylan

Hey everybody! My name is Dylan Owsley, and I am a 22 year-old transfer student at Chico State, and am also an intern at Idea Fab Labs! This is currently my second semester at Chico state and I am studying mechatronic engineering. I have only been in Chico for about 7 months so far, and aside from the summer weather … Read More