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Crypto Ticker

I’ve been getting into crypto currencies lately, mostly Ðoge. What I’ve noticed is that whenever there is a huge spike or drop is price I never really notice until it is too late. The project I’m attempting is a Crypto Ticker box. The idea is that the arduino connects to a crypto data site such as , pulls the current value of which ever crypto coins I want, probably the top 10 or so, and displays their value in a stock-market style stream of short-hand names like BTC, current price when converting to USD, and the change within the last 24 hours or so. One set of data may look something like Ðoge 0.0016 +17, indicating that the Ðoge currency is currently sitting at 0.0016 Ð/USD, and has risen 17% in the last 24 hours.

Assembly Drawing

The prototype sits at 108mm tall, 132mm wide, and 92mm deep. I am planning on making it as simple as possible, so if it is possible I am trying to only have 2 buttons on the entire assembly. The first one is a proud on/off switch that simply tells the arduino when to start running the program. The other is a refresh button that tells the arduino to grab data that instant and restart the program. If the program is active, I plan on having it refresh every 10-15 minutes or so.

More details to come as this project comes to life!