Matt the Intern

My name is Matthew Nystrom, a 21 year old student of Sustainable Manufacturing at CSU Chico currently interning at the Idea Fabrication Labs.

I’m known in my circles of friends as being quite crafty. I consider myself a Jack of all trades, but a master of none. I’ve taken classes in Music Theory, Digital Arts, Electronics, Welding, and many courses in Machining and Manufacturing. I have tendency to collect interesting and practical skills, as well as a passion for a few useless ones. Skiing and Scuba Diving are a couple of my favorite hobbies that I participate in with my family a few times every year.

I’m very excited to have this opportunity to intern at the Idea Fabrication Labs, mostly for the access that I get to the tools that are offered. Though there are many machines and tools at my disposal in my major courses at Chico State, access to them is a different story. I learn plenty of things about working with the school’s tools during class time, but do not have much time to experiment with them myself and really get to understand them.

Ever since I learned of the existence of maker shops, I’ve kept an eye out for them. You have no idea how excited I was when I found out about the idea fab labs right off campus. It’s going to be really fun to have an entire workshop and community of other makers to help me work on my projects.