Upcoming Exhibition! — Erin Banwell: Somnambulism, Noctambulism and The Parasomnia Experience

Saturday, July 27, 2013
3:00pm until 6:00pm
603 Orange St. – Chico, CA

Calling all fabbers, labbers and inspired dream-grabbers! Idea Fab Labs is about to unleash it’s second round of creative thunder with a brand new gallery exhibition produced by none other than it’s fearless mastermind, Erin Banwell!

Renowned for his innovative and experimental approach to art and responsible for numerous large-scale works including the legendary Burning Man installation, “The Pyrosphere,” Banwell has devised a range of pieces spanning the gap from perceptually puzzling to subconsciously satirical. Brought to life through a combination of imagination, microcontrollers, and laser beams, his work explores an array of mediums, techniques and technologies that are cornerstone to the modern maker movement.

Come witness the potential of fabrication for yourself, and perhaps you will be inspired to bring your own dreams into the tangible realm.

This exhibition is a free, public, family-friendly event with delicious refreshments provided by Empire Coffee and background music by local sound-sculptor Logan 5. Large and small art pieces will be available for purchase.

For a glimpse into the mind of Mr. Banwell check out: http://www.erinbanwell.com/

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