Upcoming Exhibition! — Daniel Devas: Scientia Truncatis

3pm until 6pm
Saturday, October 26th
Idea Fabrication Labs
603 Orange Street, Chico CA

Hold fast to your adventurous spirit, curious explorers, for on this 26th of October we step into the jungle of possibility where science and imagination roam free. But fear not, for our leader on this expedition will be internationally renowned creator Daniel Devas!

Hailing from Brazil, Daniel has blazed a trail that has taken him across the globe building large-scale stage designs and other atmospheric manifestations for events such as Burning Man, Symbiosis Gathering, Earthdance, Boom Festival of Portugal, and most of the large festivals in his home country. In 2008 physics became the central inspiration behind his work, leading to a series of pieces set on harnessing the magic of natural phenomena and blurring the line between artistry and scientific experimentation.

For this exhibit, Daniel will be utilizing the tools available at the Fab Lab to produce a brand new, totally unique collection of wonders. His intention is to fabricate a series of “trees”, each focused around a force such as light, sound, magnetism and more. It is sure to be a great adventure for the creative mind. We do hope you can join us and come get lost in the jungle for a while.

This is a free, public, family-friendly event with delicious refreshments provided by Empire Coffee. Large and small art pieces will be available for purchase.


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