Upcoming Exhibition! — Christopher Breedlove

Good tidings to you, friends and fabbers. Rejoice! For this holiday season the Idea Fab Labs is delivering a very special gift in the form of a new gallery exhibition by Chicago-based artist and community pillar CHRISTOPHER BREEDLOVE!

Mr. Breedlove has amassed an impressive résumé of works and ongoing projects that span and blend a multitude of artistic formats. His first step down the rabbit hole of creativity came in the form of video production, working with everything from corporate instructional segments to abstract compilations and visual experimentations. In 2009 he co-founded The Experimental Media Team (EMT) which has produced visual arts for multiple large events including Electric Forest and Rothbury Music Festival. Also an avid fabrics artist and screen printer, he began sharing his illustrations as unique prints with Re-mixed Ink, a live screen printing project that has been featured at Burning Man, Symbiosis and elsewhere [https://www.facebook.com/remixedink]. His efforts rewarded him the opportunity to travel to Taiwan, where he created the Taixi Wind Temple sculpture at the TaiXi International Arts Festival [http://mrbreedlove.wordpress.com/installation/taixi-wind-temple-taiwan] and joined Monster Wheel Laboratories to fabricate bicycle-powered parade floats for The Dream Community [http://mrbreedlove.wordpress.com/installation/monster-wheel-in-taiwan]. However, of all his accomplishments, perhaps the most notable is his Human Avatar Project. HAP is an ongoing interactive installation with the intention of utilizing personal projection altering participantʼs perception and sense of personality [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu1WL6R2_YM]. Christopher is also a prominent community leader who participates heavily with Burners Without Borders in their worldwide effort to provide disaster relief and positive social initiatives.

Christopher is currently hard at work at IFL, combining our facilities with his curiosity and experience to create a brand new body of work, and take the next step in his explorations.

This is a free, public, family-friendly event!

3pm – 6pm
Saturday, December 14th
603 Orange Street, Chico CA

Christopher’s Website

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