Dear Artist,

You are cordially invited to apply for the Idea Fab Labs’ Tech-art Incubator Program. Come be a part of an innovative art experiment. Our mission is to explore the line where Art and Technology meet by giving artists (you) access to a large industrial facility, cutting-edge digital fabrication tools, and a community of talented and inspired makers. Resident Artists are invited to use the 7,000 sq ft facilities and equipment (laser cutter, 3D printer, screen printer, hand tools, wood shop, electronics benches, studio space, etc) during an intensive incubation and residency. Once the residency period is over, artists are invited to submit their work to be considered for a gallery exhibition. Most artists’ residencies will culminate in a gallery exhibition and opening event.


IFL has a team to back you up. We will provide assistance, support, and resources in the following areas:

  • Concept phase consulting; Discuss and solidify your ideas.
  • SBU (Safety and Basic Use) Classes on available digital fabrication tools.
  • Techniques with high-tech and traditional toolsets. Laser, 3D printer, wood shop, electronics, programming, etc.
  • Promotion / branding / web presence.
  • Documentation. Photography, videography, and publication.
  • Technical and artistic consulting.
  • Gallery setup and presentation.


Incubation happens during the Artist Residency. Resident Artists have access to our 7,000 sq ft facility and equipment for a period agreed upon by the artist and IFL. Most artists’ residencies last between 3-8 weeks and if finished successfully, culminate in a month-long gallery exhibition and opening event.

Gallery Exhibition

If the artists work is accepted for a gallery exhibition, the artist’s gallery exhibition work will be unveiled at a daytime Public Opening, as well as a private nighttime Gala Event featuring national and regional DJs, producers, and performers. The artwork will be promoted, documented and sold through the gallery and at the event. The goal is to sell art while engaging people with a thought provoking event.