Idea Fab Labs Youth Maker STEM Program is happy to announce our 2018 Summer Program for ages 9 through 13.
“The YIFL Maker STEM Program uses STEM-centered curriculum to support hands on, project-based activities while focusing heavily on logic-based exploration and life-science educational skills and activities.” says Youth Program Director Kristy Lively.

Subjects for the 2018 Summer Session include:

  • 3D Printing Scanning & Design
  • Micro Drones 101
  • Creative LEDs 101
  • Arduino: Coding in Robotics

Parents can apply at Enrollment opens May 31st 2018.


  • Dates: July 9th through August 2nd 2018.
  • Monday – Thursday 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Students must attend a minimum 10:45 am to 3:15 pm daily. The longer hours are free choice times.
  • Cost: $55 per day or $200 for a week per child [Mon – Thur]
  • Location: Thrive/Camp Wild Heart Site, 746 Moss Ave, Chico, CA 95926
  • All staff involved in the Y+IFL After School Program have passed background checks.


WEEK 1: 3D Printing, 3D Design and 3D Scanning

July 9th – July 12th 2018

  • Learn to download and 3D print objects from the internet.
  • Learn to design your own 3D models from scratch.
  • 3D scan and 3D print your own head.
  • Design and print a final project.
  • Students create and take home a 3D Print each week.

WEEK 2: Micro Drones 101: Build and fly your own indoor micro quadcopter

July 16th – July 19th 2018

  • Intro to quadcopters and flying techniques.
  • Learn to solder while modifying your quadcopter.
  • Learn to fly like a pro.
  • Learn maintenance and repair.
  • Indoor drone racing with your friends.
  • Students take home their own micro drone.

WEEK 3: Creative LEDs 101

July 23rd – July 26th 2018

  • Learn general terms and parts.
  • Get familiar with light programming/patterns and fabrication.






WEEK 4: Arduino: Coding in Robotics

July 30th – Aug 2nd 2018

  • Learn the basics of programing your own arduino.
  • Build an open source, 3D printed arduino robot that can walk, dance, avoid obstacles, and make noise.
  • Modify and customize with specific behaviors, body parts and sounds.
  • Students take home their own custom programmable robot.

Parents can apply at Enrollment opens May 31st 2018.


Youth Program Director: Kristy Lively

Youth Program Director Kristy Lively

Idea Fab Labs Director Erin Banwell has partnered with IFL member Kristy Lively to implement the new Y+IFL After School Program. Kristy has taken active leadership roles in after school programs, youth advocacy and youth development for over 17 years, and has been involved with IFL field trips for the last year.
See her Summary of Qualifications letter here.
In addition to her work with students, schools and educators, she is the proud founder of EMPOWER ME ART, a fiscally sponsored non-profit organization dedicated to the entrepreneurial spirits of girls and survivors of sex-trafficking. Kristy strongly believes, “empowered women give birth to empowered communities.”  She recently had the opportunity to share her vision on the TED stage this year in New York and is the proud recipient of the 2016 UBER Women’s History Month Award for her work in the community. 

As a woman, artist and entrepreneur Kristy is devoted to empowering the community of children around her. She is extremely honored to work with Erin and the IFL team in her role as Youth Program Director.




Youth Program Director Kristy Lively and IFL Director Erin Banwell in the 3D Printing Zone.