Hello fellow artists! My name is Shyna Deepak. I’m a youthful and quirky 21 year old senior currently residing in Chico, California. When I’m not at the Idea Fab Labs, I am going to school at Chico State majoring in Electronic Arts (modern folk might call it Digital Media) and minoring in Communication Design.

My primary medium is photography and I like to incorporate it into a variety of different digital platforms such as social media, multimedia and mixed media. It is this passion that drove me to join the intern program at the IFL and further expand my love for digital art forms.

During the course of this internship I hope to experience all the different attributes IFL has to offer- collaboration, a shared maker space and especially using the laser cutter! My goal is to gain some inspiration and direction for my artwork during my time here as an intern.

I’m excited to attend the various workshops put on my IFL because frankly I feel like I’ve been mostly self-taught despite me taking four years of classes at a state college.

I love participating in community and improve events and am frequently found in the bay area exploring the many beautiful and interesting sights it has to offer. My other passion is social media and using it to expand my art/advertising interests.