- Idea Fab Labs Chico on April 6th, 2024


Bird People Afterparty - The works of Casi and Kismet Heartstrong

April 6th - 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM

Greetings, feathered friends! It’s time to puff your plumage, spread your wings and take flight with us through a neighborhood of creative constructions at BIRD PEOPLE: THE WORKS OF CASI AND KISMET HEARTSTRONG!

These two bold builders have been hard at work assembling a village’s worth of uniquely stylized birdhouses that any creature would be proud to nest in. From the whimsical to the fantastic, every house is themed with an original motif that would be the envy of your whole flock. Hand-built with care and intention, each structure is a love letter to avians everywhere.

Come wet your beak, peck around for a while, and let your imagination soar. Caw caw!