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“Working Gods” A Gallery Exhibition by Greg Shafer

     This tale begins, as so many do, with chaos. In the beginning there was darkness and a tumultuous existence comprised of uncontrollable forces, but from that disorder came order. And with that order came safety, and structure, and boundaries. A society that both basks in the comforts provided by these systems and yet still yearns to explore the ... Read More

In The 7th Year: The Evolutionary Tale of the Art of Joe Fenton

The number seven holds much power and carries great weight. Throughout time the number has been woven through nature, science, and belief of all kinds. Idea Fab Labs Chico now invites you to behold a new iteration of this cryptic symbol: IN THE 7th YEAR! An evolutionary tale told through art, brought to you by the mind of JOE FENTON. ... Read More

Tree With City In Distance: Evolution of an AI Sketch

Idea Fab Labs 603 Orange St., Chico

"Tree With City In Distance: Evolution of an AI Sketch" is a presentation of a unique body of work.  The exhibition consists of 500 stunning works of art, each of which is derived from a single image. The original image, a simple black-and-white sketch of a tree in the foreground with a city skyline in the distance, underwent a process ... Read More

Maevyn Corvid: Vivus vs Putris

Idea Fab Labs 603 Orange St., Chico

Embark on an extraordinary clash of Vivus vs Putris, as the captivating artwork of Maevyn Corvid unveils a mesmerizing battle between the realms of life and decay. Step into a world where vibrant vitality confronts exquisite deterioration, and witness the transformative power of art as it breathes life into forgotten relics, forging a profound connection between the living and the ... Read More

Rose and Buds: The Art Gallery Exhibition of Rosebud Wildman and Friends

Idea Fab Labs 603 Orange St., Chico

"Rose and Buds" presents the second IFL art gallery exhibition by Rosebud Wildman (, with her first exhibition Abracadabra taking place in 2016 at both the Santa Cruz and Chico Idea fab Labs Galleries Rosebuds character illustrations and doll sculptures often depict cute monsters, huggable freaks, and animal/human chimera. This exhibition presents her solo works as well as many ... Read More


What is Art?

Idea Fab Labs 603 Orange St., Chico

Maker Radio 94.5 FM is an independent radio station in Chico, CA. Maker Radio is committed to offering local musicians a music industry ecosystem, including low-barrier-to-entry performance opportunities, radio airplay, live recording, and studio recording opportunities, high-quality video production of performing artists' performances, promotional materials development, and more. To this end, Maker Radio hosts an open-mic/open-stage (titled "What Is Art?") ... Read More

Maker Meetup and Open House

Idea Fab Labs 603 Orange St., Chico

Weekly social even for both current and potential members. If you're interested in joining come on by. Everyone is welcome!