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“Working Gods” A Gallery Exhibition by Greg Shafer

October 22, 2022 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

     This tale begins, as so many do, with chaos. In the beginning there was darkness and a tumultuous existence comprised of uncontrollable forces, but from that disorder came order. And with that order came safety, and structure, and boundaries. A society that both basks in the comforts provided by these systems and yet still yearns to explore the endless unknown that waits restlessly just beyond the river.
     Idea Fab Labs welcomes you to come explore the universe of the WORKING GODS, an original mythology comprised of eclectic and unique figures conjured by creator GREG SCHAFER. Weaving a rich tapestry of characters, each piece is a segment of the story told through carved wood and brought to life with the human touch of hand-painted depth. Collectively these Gods inhabit and maintain a realm not too distant from our own, like shards of a mirror reflecting our own quarrelsome reality. Both mighty and imperfect, each ultimately plays an important role in the grand design.
Come make yourself familiar with these mysterious beings, lend your ear to their wisdoms, and open your eyes to a fantastic new world.

Working Gods is a mythological pantheon that explores the trade off between the safety that civil society brings and the dangerous but creative chaos that brought it forth. Working Gods depicts a celestial family living and working together on a farm or orchard. The orchard is surrounded by a river, and the river protects and separates it from the outer darkness, the unknown and uncontrollable wilderness from which everything arises.

Working Gods could belong to any early agricultural society, and is amalgamated from bits and pieces of several mythologies. As humanity began to leave the chaos and darkness of nomadic life, we began to sow seeds, and discovered agriculture. A more predictable and consistent system by which we could feed ourselves. We invested our scarce resources in these places, and thereby developed attachments to them. Through these attachments, we learned new fears. We fear that the fruits of our labor might be destroyed by labor or stolen by others. We invented property, fences, labor, and safety. We developed laws to protect ourselves and our property from each other, that we might live peaceably and predictably together in cages of habitual thought and behaviors. Stable communities formed, and then cities. We forgot our beginning outside the boundaries we had raised to protect ourselves, and the path of our heritage grew dim. From our warm, well-lit halls and carefully ordered crops, we looked back into the darkness beyond the river with fear and intrigue. Our eyes adjusted to the light, and the darkness of the night became foreign and frightening. The wealth and safety we created is undeniable. Yet though our minds fail to remember, our spirits grieve the absence of our freedom in the wilderness but fear its unpredictability and bizarre, forgotten rules.

Working Gods is about balancing human needs that are mutually exclusive. Freedom and Safety. Individuality and Society. Compassion and Protection.

Working Gods is about the hope that the Gods are like us, working, sweating, trying to make it. That they still love us, and even like us, and share in our suffering as we try to make the bread and keep ourselves warm together.


October 22, 2022
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Idea Fab Labs