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Equipment Usage Details
(Fab & Pro Membership)

Fab Members are allowed a certain amount of time per week that they can reserve ahead of time on the equipment calendars. Reservations may not be submitted less than two hours before the reserved usage time.

In addition to reserved time, Fab Members also get Drop-In Access to digital fabrication tools and workstations when they are not in use. Drop-In Access means you can use the equipment if no one has reserved it or if there is a “no-show”. If another member doesn’t show up for their reservation, the equipment becomes available for Drop-In Access 15 minutes after the reservation began.


All membership levels require 30 days notice prior to desired cancellation day. Membership fees incurred during that period will not be refunded.


Idea Fabrication Labs strives to make membership accessible to everyone. If you would like to do work-trade in lieu of part or all of your membership fees, we may be able to accommodate you! Check out our Volunteer Page for more information.